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about Mask-BOT

Project Details

Mask-Bot is a robotic life-size talking head in real space designed for research into Human-Robot-Interaction.

The features of this robotic head include a semi-transparent plain mask, a portable LED projector with a fish-eye conversion lens mounted behind the mask, a pan-tilt unit and a mounting base.

The uniqueness of Mask-Bot is that the appearance of its face can be altered on-the-fly. Different faces can be projected onto the active head system. The head is fully active with a 3 DOF neck, with support for biannual hearing as well as a video camera for seeing.

An easily interchangeable face mask is its main feature. The head can be equipped with an average face mask as well as highly customized individualized faces which therefore allows changes in appearance and behavior of the face model. Additionally, the actuation of the head has been designed to match natural human head movements.


What Bren did

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Project Gallery

A selection of photos of the development of Mask-Bot; from the 3D printed body to get rigs to work on the optics.

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