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about Herbert

Project Details

Herbert is a full-sized anthropometrically correct humanoid robot.

With the creation of Herbert I aimed to achieve a simple design approach combined with keeping the costs low while ensuring a consistent high performance.

Herbert has 18 DOF in total, while 14 are active and 4 are passive. This humanoid robot exists of two core mechanical modules; a small compact drive module and a compliant drive module.

I also designed and built a module electronics system based on FPGA to control all the joints and sensors. To make Herbert walk, I also wrote the low-level FPGA code as well as the high-level ROS codebase.


What Bren did

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Project Gallery

A selection of photos of the sub-components. I machined 90% of the parts for this robot on the inhouse HAAS mini mill and TL-1 lathe.  Furthermore, I designed and machined our own cycloidal reducer.

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